Last updated: January 8, 2019

What Does Highover Mean?

Highover is a slang term similar in meaning to hangover, but applied to overindulgence in marijuana, and the lingering, intense, foggy-brained feeling the next day. It can also apply to still feeling full the next day from overconsumption of junk food while high.


Maximum Yield Explains Highover

Overindulgence in almost anything will lead to lingering effects. One of the most obvious is having a hangover from drinking too much the night before. The same thing can occur with the consumption of marijuana. In this case, it’s called a highover.

In order to experience an actual highover, or weed hangover, you must seriously overindulge the night before. If you do, you could experience a number of different symptoms. One of the most common is brain fog, or feeling dazed, brought about through short-term memory loss due to THC.

Another potential symptom of a highover is a lingering headache. This is generally not as severe as one that would be experienced in an alcohol-based hangover, and is usually caused by dehydration (the feeling of dry mouth is real – you’re actually losing hydration). This leads to another potential symptom – extreme thirst. Again, this is due to dehydration. Other symptoms include fatigue and dry eyes.

You may experience any or all of these symptoms, or none of them. The effects of overconsuming cannabis do not seem to be the same for all people, although little actual scientific research has been put into determining why that might be the case.


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