Dab Torch

Last updated: April 22, 2021

What Does Dab Torch Mean?

A dab torch refers to the small propane or butane torch used to gently heat the quartz glass banger of a dab rig or the tip of a dab straw.

Dabs are small, singly-inhaled portions of a smokable concentrate or extract. These small portions of a concentrate or extract are carefully placed into a heated banger with a dab tool before inhaling the resulting vapor through a specially-designed water pipe.

Dabber heating the banger of a dab rig with a dab torch.


Maximum Yield Explains Dab Torch

The quartz glass banger of a dab rig is first heated with a propane or butane dab torch to between 250°F and 400°F. Then a small portion of extract is inserted into the bowl of the banger using a dab tool (small metal or glass tool). A carb cap (strategically vented lid) is placed over the bowl and the thick vapor formed is immediately inhaled. Often a dab bead (or terp pearl) is placed within the bowl of the banger for better vaporization.

Carb caps come in many designs and can be used to concentrate and direct the airflow over the hot dab. This allows the dabber much more control of the vaporization of the dab. Carb cap choice, like dab temperature and the concentrate or extract used, is a personal preference and technology in this area is quite divergent.

A dab straw is used in a similar manner. The tip is heated to temperature and then inserted into a small container of concentrate or extract. Like a dab rig, the resulting vapor is immediately inhaled.


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