Terpene Isolation

Last updated: April 30, 2019

What Does Terpene Isolation Mean?

Terpenes are the chemical compounds in cannabis responsible for flavor and aroma. They also have a range of other benefits, from anti-inflammatory properties to the ability to improve focus and attention. Terpene isolation is a process of distilling terpenes from cannabis for use in other products.


Maximum Yield Explains Terpene Isolation

Terpenes are found in any plant that has an aroma, from pine trees to rosemary to cannabis. Each terpene has a different effect on the flavor and aroma produced, and they have been harnessed for a very long time in the perfume industry to create unique scents. Today, terpenes are being researched for medical uses, and terpene isolation and extraction allow these compounds to be removed from cannabis for use in other ways.

Perhaps the most interesting aspect of terpene isolation and extraction is the promise it has for healthcare. Many terpenes have profound effects on human health, including anti-inflammatory properties, anti-cancer capabilities, as bronchodilators, and more. By isolating and then extracting these terpenes, scientists are able to create new, unique treatment options that do not require synthetic pharmaceuticals.

Terpene isolation also has implications for many other industries. For instance, in the creation of concentrates, there is a good chance of creating a concentration that offers good cannabinoid content, but has very little flavor or aroma through over-purging. Through terpene isolation and extraction, terpenes could be added back to the concentrate to create custom flavor and aroma profiles as desired by the manufacturer. Similar things could be done in the edibles industry, as well.

Ultimately, terpene isolation and extraction will allow expansions in many industries, and can dramatically improve the health outcomes for patients seeking non-pharmaceutical treatment options for their conditions.


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