Bell Siphon Aquaponics

What Does Bell Siphon Aquaponics Mean?

In aquaponics, bell siphons are used to flood and drain the system without having to repeatedly turn the pump on and off. In fact, studies have shown that slow flooding crops followed by rapid draining can boost oxygenation while helping the plants absorb more nutrients. Bell siphons are also crucial for proper plant development and growth.


Maximum Yield Explains Bell Siphon Aquaponics

The main advantage with bell siphons is that they are very easy to set up and require no electricity. The ebb and flow motion is particularly beneficial to aquaponics since both the fish and the grow beds are exposed to a consistent water movement, which encourages oxygenation. The majority of units do not require manual draining or timers: all growers need to do is add water and adjust the settings. As water floods the grow beds, the bell siphon kicks into gear and begins the ebbing process.

If you’re using a bell siphon for the first time, it is important to ensure that the standpipe is not too tilted, otherwise, the drain system will be too slow. The best place to set up the unit is at the very center of the grow bed.


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