What Does Spinosad Mean?

Spinosad is an insecticide produced by fermentation. First discovered in 1982, spinosad produces a substance that acts as a neurotoxin in most garden pests. This substance was classified as a pesticide in the USA in 1997. Produced by fermentation, this product has been known to work fairly quickly and can safely be used on fruit trees, vegetables as well as outdoor ornamentals.


Maximum Yield Explains Spinosad

Contrary to most insecticides and pesticides, spinosad does not linger in the environment. In fact, this substance is classified as an organic product by the USDA NOP (National Organic Program). Spinosad should be diluted with water prior to application. Spinosad has been shown to work best on pests such as fruit flies, borers, leafminers, thrips and caterpillars. Unlike other substances, spinosad holds up well in light rains.

This product is mainly available in pellet, liquid or dust form. For crawling pests like earwigs and ants, it is best to use pellet spinosad, while dusts and sprays work well on caterpillars.


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