What Does Dwarfing Mean?

Dwarfing refers to the process of creating much smaller plants through various methods such as DNA altering, targeted breeding, nutritional, and hormonal means. Although growers and researchers actively participate in various types of dwarfing such as selective breeding and genetic engineering, plants also undergo natural dwarfing. Depending on the environment, many plants have adapted to grow small in order to survive in their environment.


Maximum Yield Explains Dwarfing

Dwarfing naturally occurs due to droughts, floods, climate changes, soil quality, herbivore grazing, and infection. Many refer to plants that have undergone dwarfing in the wild as being stunted. Growers often use dwarfing to produce a more abundant crop or improve growth. Fruit trees are one example of dwarfing caused by the farmer to increase the tree’s yield.

Many grain crops have undergone genetic dwarfing in an attempt to keep the plant’s from bending over and touching the ground when they become overly top heavy. In the past, entire grain crops have been destroyed due to bending over and touching the ground.

Once the wheat heads touch the ground the wheat can become wet and rapidly spoils. Short wheat plants do not bend to the ground


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