daughter bulbs

Definition - What does daughter bulbs mean?

In horticulture and botany, daughter bulbs refer to plants that have been asexually and naturally produced through the mother plant. Also known as clones, daughter bulbs provide gardeners with a far cheaper way to enhance their gardens. Daffodils, for example, are known for their self-reproducing capabilities and provide an impressive number of daughter bulbs

MaximumYield explains daughter bulbs

In daffodils, daughter bulbs tend to grow at the very edge of the plant’s basal plate. In fact, the mother plant has been known to provide nourishment for the daughter bulbs while they’re growing. Once the daughter bulbs start to grow, however, the flower bed can become so crowded that the bulbs start fighting against themselves for soil nourishment. At this point, it is recommended that gardeners start separating the bulbs to allow the plants to properly thrive and develop.

When moving the daughter bulbs, it is also important to cover them with wet newspapers or even wet towels to ensure that they won’t dry out during this process.

This definition was written in the context of bulbs that grow from other bulbs
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