Growing Conditions

Last updated: December 23, 2019

What Does Growing Conditions Mean?

Growing conditions vary among plants. The very conditions that make one plant flourish might quickly kill another. The key growing conditions that all plants require are temperature, light, water, soil type, mineral nutrients, oxygen, and support. Basically, all plants require air, water, nutrients, light, temperature, and growing space but the specifics can vary considerably. Some plants flourish in the desert, others require a tropical location, some plants can tolerate adverse winter weather and others will perish if the temperature drops below a certain degree. All of these factors are considered growing conditions.


Maximum Yield Explains Growing Conditions

Growing conditions can be created and modified by a grower. Indoor grow rooms and greenhouses allow cultivation of certain plants that would not be able to grow in a specific location if the growing conditions were not modified to meet their unique requirements. Things like temperature, light, growing medium, water, and nutrients can all be provided to meet the plant’s needs. This ability to modify growing conditions allows crops to be grown in locations around the world where they would otherwise fail. Understanding the key growing conditions that a plant requires will give the grower the ability to cultivate it successfully.


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