Definition - What does Shoots mean?

In botany, shoots refer to the main stem of a plants which contains a complex system of different parts to enhance the plant’s growth and health. In fact, the shoot system refers to the stem, flowering buds, flowering stems, buds and leaves. Seed germination usually grow upwards to produce a shoot, across which leaves will sprout.

MaximumYield explains Shoots

In the wild, freshly grown shoots act as food for animals. This is because young shoots haven’t undergone secondary cell wall development. As a result, the animals can easily chew and digest the shoots. This is in contrast to older shoots that present a much tougher and harder structure. According to botanists, the shoot system is designed in such a way so as to allow the plants to grow taller, hence facilitating access to sunlight. Consequently, the plant converts light into sugar which largely enables its development. Not unlike roots, shoots first develop from ground, vascular and dermal tissues.

While woody plants exhibit longer shoots, angiosperms tend to sprout shooter ones which are known as fruit spurs or spurt shoots.

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