Soil Mats

What Does Soil Mats Mean?

Soil mats are a great a great option to increase gardening yield. They are effective in reducing weed growth, water wastage and help regulate soil temperature. In the process, the plant nutrients are retained and there is less time wasted on managing things like weed growth. All of which allow for increased focus on plant care and result in higher yields.


Maximum Yield Explains Soil Mats

Soil mats are among the most cost-effective heating solution for indoor grow-rooms. These mats are great through the germination period and beyond by providing plants with the ideal temperature to grow in. Even though these are not machines, the mats have a smart mechanism as it absorbs water when available and releases it as soon as it detects dry soil. As a result, it is a low maintenance solution.

Not only are these mats efficient but they are also an environmentally friendly solution. Soil mats are durable and the fabric used to make them is biodegradable. Both, of which make it a useful and environment-friendly growing solution. This is a great option for plant pots as each mat comes with a prescribed water absorption capacity and is able to keep plants hydrated for two to three weeks.


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