Single Digging

Last updated: April 9, 2018

What Does Single Digging Mean?

Single digging is a laborious cultivation method that renders an even soil surface. In practice, the gardener uses a shovel to turn over the soil to a depth of the spade. Turning the soil over creates a smooth growing surface. Single digging is a slow process but it cultivates the soil nicely and creates a pristine grow bed. When complete, the grower can quickly plant his seeds or plants in neat rows that have been tilled to the ideal depth.


Maximum Yield Explains Single Digging

Single digging can remove roots and weeds during cultivation. The process alleviates compaction and loosens the soil. During single digging, fertilizer and additives can quickly and efficiently be added and mixed into the soil. During the process, a single strip is dug and turned. Then another strip follows until the gardener achieves the desired bed size. The work is done methodically down one row and then down the other until all rows in the grow area have been successfully cultivated. The soil is placed on the side of the trench to facilitate planting.


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