Mycorrhizal Fungi

Definition - What does Mycorrhizal Fungi mean?

Mycorrhizal Fungi are highly beneficial in the soil. The fungi form a symbiotic relationship with the plant’s root system. Approximately 90 percent of all plants that grow on Earth will readily partner with mycorrhizal fungi. The fungi help the plant readily absorb nutrients and in exchange, the plant produces an abundance of a sugar substance that the fungi use as a food source. The fungi can be cultivated by introducing spores to the soil.

MaximumYield explains Mycorrhizal Fungi

Mycorrhizal Fungi is believed to have evolved millions of years ago from aquatic plant life. Plant fossils that date back 500 million years have been found to share a symbiotic relationship with the fungi. Virtually all plants flourish with the fungi and a few even require the fungi to survive. Nowadays, gardeners can use mycorrhizal fungi inoculants to encourage plant growth and improve soil quality. The fungi also help prevent diseases. A flourishing fungi colony increases drought tolerance in plants and also reduce salinity in the soil.

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