Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Ethephon Mean?

Ethephon is a plant growth regulator (PGR). Unlike other PGR with specific functions, ethephon features a range of benefits. It makes plants release ethylene after application and helps with fruit ripening, height, flower bud abortion, branching and enhancing.

To obtain the desired results in your plants, it's important to understand ethephon application.


Maximum Yield Explains Ethephon

When any plant grows, unnecessary stem elongation can get in the way and result in plant retardation. This is where PGR help with the growth of plants.

The ethylene released by plants after application of ethephon regulate the growth by managing uncontrolled stem elongation. As a result the nutrients and plant activity are redirected towards plant growth. This is a synthetic PGR and helps with effective ripening of plants.

Along with ripening, ethephon also helps with regulating the maturation of plants. Depending on the plant, there are specific concentration of PGR you should be using. It is also use on different plants for different reasons. For example, varying concentrations of PGR are use on cereals, fruits, and vegetables compared to ornamentals and cotton.

As ethephon is sprayed on plants, it can stimulate growth if it's applied during propagation. Depending on the type of plant, it can trigger sporadic growth and branching. This PGR helps with multiple plant growth features and can yield desired results if applied in correct proportion.


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