CO2 Pad

Last updated: July 17, 2018

What Does CO2 Pad Mean?

Ideal for hydroponics and other gardens where the environment can be artificially controlled, CO2 pads are much easier to use and operate than tanks. According to gardeners, these pads have also been known to promote much healthier and fuller plants. Because the plants can benefit from an adequate amount of carbon dioxide, they are protected against various types of diseases.


Maximum Yield Explains CO2 Pad

CO2 pads have also been known to act as aerial fertilizers. Consequently, they can also be used to reduce algae and mold. In most cases, the CO2 pads require around 35-50% of humidity to be activated. When hanging the pads, it is important to ensure that they’re always higher than the tallest plant. This will ensure proper diffusion, without any negative impact on smaller plants. Additionally, gardeners also need to regularly mist the pads for both activation and acceleration of carbon dioxide. Old pads should be discarded after fourteen days. In fact, for best results, it is advisable to change the CO2 pads once every week.


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