CO2 Bottle

What Does CO2 Bottle Mean?

CO2 bottles are commonly used in aquatic plant growth and hydroponics in general. These bottles are easy to use, even for amateurs. Additionally, CO2 bottles are essential to the process of photosynthesis, enabling plants to properly grow and develop. While growing hydroponic plants has been shown to be extremely advantageous, it does hinder the amount of C02, which is why most growers tend to go for carbon dioxide bottles.


Maximum Yield Explains CO2 Bottle

According to hydroponic growers, some plants can actually use more carbon dioxide when growing in a controlled environment. Consequently, the CO2 bottles can actually help the plants grow at a faster pace, while drastically minimizing the risks of diseases. On the other hand, it is important to periodically check the CO2 levels in the hydroponics room and adjust the bottles as needed. Indeed, according to botanists, too much carbon dioxide can hinder the plant’s ability to properly transpire. This in turn drastically affects the process of photosynthesis. Too much carbon dioxide can also affect the amount of nutrients that a plant can absorb. This is why it’s also important to have an Evolution Digital Carbon Dioxide Controller on hand when using carbon dioxide bottles.

When working with CO2 bottles, growers should ensure that the cylinder is properly connected to a reducing regulator or valve in order to prevent a potential explosion.


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