CO2 Bag

What Does CO2 Bag Mean?

Used in hydroponics and other controlled growing environments, CO2 bags are often considered to be safer than CO2 bottles because of the lack of wiring and tubing. According to hydroponic growers, it’s also much easier and safer to transport CO2 bags, unlike their bottle counterparts. Because carbon dioxide is crucial to proper plant development and growth, these bags can also be used to prevent various types of plant-born diseases.


Maximum Yield Explains CO2 Bag

Using CO2 bags have also been shown to provide a steady stream of carbon dioxide, without having to continuously resort to expensive monitors, generators or regulators. Bags also eliminate the need for constant refills, as is often the case with bottles. Most bags are made from mycelium, which is activated by both light and heat. Once activated, the bags start to swell and expand in order to gradually diffuse CO2 throughout the garden.

To ensure that the carbon dioxide blends properly into the air instead of sinking, it is important to hang the CO2 bag away from fans, including direct outtake/intake or even clip/floor fans.


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