CO2 Burner

Last updated: April 29, 2019

What Does CO2 Burner Mean?

A CO2 burner, also known as a CO2 generator, is a carbon dioxide generating machine as the name suggests. This is an item used in a controlled environment such as large indoor garden areas and greenhouses to improve plant growth. Controlled environment efforts are geared towards employing strategies that are closest to natural conditions, so, the burner is usually fueled with butane, propane or natural gases.


Maximum Yield Explains CO2 Burner

When a CO2 burner is ignited it releases high levels of carbon dioxide and water vapor, both of which are integral in generating a natural CO2 enrich environment in an enclosed environment. In enclosed spaces like greenhouses, carbon dioxide concentration depletes quickly, slowing down the growth in plants. Given that CO2 is an integral part of the photosynthesis process in plants, a CO2 burner helps keep the CO2 levels in an indoor farm is in check. As a result, a CO2 burner helps maintain the yields of a greenhouse by ensuring proper photosynthesis at all times.

While a CO2 burner is important in a controlled environment farming setting, it can also be a hazard due to its risks of fire, increased humidity and carbon monoxide leakages. All of which can affect the overall yield of plants. Proper use of a CO2 burner can release high levels of carbon monoxide, which can trigger a fire or cause leakages. Dehumidifying systems and carbon monoxide detectors can help mitigate these risks and ensure a smooth function of an indoor farm.



CO2 generator

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