Floral Farm

What Does Floral Farm Mean?

When starting a floral farm, it is important to begin by narrowing your choice to just a selection of flowers, especially if you’re new to planting flowers. If you don’t have enough garden space, it is possible to start an indoor floral farm by investing in high-quality grow lights.


Maximum Yield Explains Floral Farm

The main advantage of floral farms is that they do not require plenty of space. A 37 by 37 feet garden, for example, can comfortably accommodate up to 1200 plants, in various varieties. Because flowers are more delicate than agricultural crops, it is very important to remember to water them on a regular basis, especially during warmer months. In wetter climates, you can limit watering to twice a week only to protect the floral farm, while helping the flowers thrive.

When working with floral farms, it is also important to keep applying appropriate fertilizers since most garden soils tend to lose their fertility and nutrients as time goes by.


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