Climate Battery

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Climate Battery Mean?

A climate battery is an air circulation system designed for use in greenhouses and other indoor growing setups. It’s sometimes called, “the poor man’s geothermal”, which can make it ideal for cannabis growers.

A series of pipes allows hot, humid air from the growing area to be recirculated underground, where it cools and dries before being pumped back into the growing area to reduce temperature and humidity, before beginning the cycle once more.

This particular heating system was first thought of by John Cruickshank but later developed by Michael Thompson and Jerome Ostentowski.


Maximum Yield Explains Climate Battery

Maintaining the right temperature and humidity levels within an indoor growing installation is vital – too much humidity can lead to mold and mildew growth, and hot temperatures can retard plant growth. A climate battery can help maintain both humidity levels and temperatures, which is important in proper cannabis cultivation.

A climate battery is a coiled subterranean pipe that cools and dries air naturally. Piping is installed under the greenhouse or growing area, and then covered over with soil during the construction phase. Then, air is pumped into one end of the piping system.

As the air moves through the pipes, it cools thanks to the constant below ground temperature. As it cools, moisture condenses out of it. The air emerges from the other end of the piping system and re-circulates through the greenhouse. There, it lowers the temperature and absorbs more moisture before beginning the process once more.

In addition to helping to maintain proper humidity and temperature levels, a climate battery can also help to reduce utility costs for growers, which can be immense. Moisture condensed out of the recirculated air can also be reclaimed and reused, thereby cutting further operating costs.

These systems are also notably cheaper to install than actual geothermal setups, and require no dangerous refrigerants, very little electricity, and can be sized to fit just about any growing operation’s needs.


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