What Does Triacontanol Mean?

Used for both horticultural and agricultural crops, triacontanol is a powerful chemical that promotes plant growth and proper development. One of the major advantages of this chemical is that is can be used at various stages of the plant’s life, including harvest day, cutting, or even during the seedling phase.


Maximum Yield Explains Triacontanol

This chemical is a fatty alcohol derived from melissyl or myricyl alcohol. It can be found in both beeswax and botanic cuticle waxes. Because it is entirely safe for animals and humans alike, triacontanol is commonly applied to larger-scale, consumable crops or farm plants. This chemical can also be used alongside other products, including phytohormones, brassinosteroids, cytokinins, gibberellins, and auxins.

Triacontanol has been shown to boost yields in various types of plants, although mainly for C3 plants. These include cannabis, conifers, fruit trees, roses, petunias, daisies, rice, and wheat. This substance can enhance nutrient and water intake alike.


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