Enzyme Cleaner

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Enzyme Cleaner Mean?

Enzyme-based cleaners are highly specific formulas used by dedicated growers looking to accelerate root growth. These cleaners, which can be added to an existing fertilizer regimen, help to accelerate the breakdown of dead root matter, reducing the occurrence of a root disease like root rot. The elimination of dead root matter also helps plant roots access nutrients faster, which leads to a boost in plant growth.

Enzyme cleaner prevent diseases such as fungi, viruses, and Pythium. It also raises the pH level in growing medium. It works well in hot or cold conditions and can even tolerate freezing.

An enzyme cleaner can also be used to 'clean' growing medium such as rockwool and coco fiber to prevent the spread of disease. It can also be used to clean seed trays, water reservoirs, hydroponic systems, gardening tools, greenhouses and other growing surfaces.


Maximum Yield Explains Enzyme Cleaner

Here’s how enzyme cleaners work: An enzyme is a substance (protein/amino acid) produced by a living organism that acts as a catalyst to bring about a specific bio-chemical reaction. Many enzymes are created by micro-organisms like bacteria and are involved in the decomposition of organic matter. Enzymes help break larger molecules into smaller ones, allowing the micro-organisms to complete their tasks at a faster rate.

Enzyme cleaners are biological cleaners that are environmentally friendly and biodegradable. They are also non-toxic.The enzymes in the cleaner assist in the decomposition of all natural matter. They function by breaking down oxygen, hydrogen, and carbon.

When used on pots and other gardening tools, the enzymes prevent the accumulation of salts and minerals. The good and bad bacteria in growing mediums will also be balanced after using an enzyme cleaner.

Using an enzyme cleaner is highly beneficial in any organic gardening location, greenhouse, or hydroponic system. Enzyme cleaners are also ideal to use when gardening indoors with houseplants. There are only a few select companies in the modern growing market that offer enzyme-based cleaners.


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