Last updated: July 31, 2018

What Does Dethatch Mean?

Dethatching is something that most homeowners have to do every year or so – it refers to the breaking up of the dead stems, roots and leaves that form a barrier between the living stems of grass, and the roots.


Maximum Yield Explains Dethatch

If you have grass in your yard, then you have thatch, as well. It’s a layer of dead, dying and living stems, roots and leaves that creates a barrier between the upright growing parts of your lawn, and the soil. Some thatch is good. It can work a little like mulch, helping your soil retain moisture. However, too much thatch is bad, and will kill grass. Dethatching is the process of removing some of the thatch to ensure better lawn health.

Not sure if you need to dethatch your lawn or not? Check the feel of the grass – it should be soft, not springy or bouncy. If you note bounce, it is definitely time to dethatch it. You should also examine the ground. Can you see actual soil between the crowns of your turf? If not, then you probably need to dethatch.

So, how do you dethatch your lawn? It’s not that difficult, but it will require some manual labor. You can buy a dethatching rake that will help you break up the thatch and ensure healthier grass. If your yard is large and you own a riding mower, you can buy or rent a pull-behind dethatching rake. You should also consider aerating your lawn around the same time to help encourage oxygen and water penetration into the soil for better overall grass health.

Note that you need to be cautious of obstructions when dethatching, like sprinkler heads or irrigation lines. The rake can easily damage these if you’re not careful. You’ll also need to rake up the loose thatch afterward, or your lawn will look ragged.


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