Nitrite-Oxidizing Bacteria (NOB)

What Does Nitrite-Oxidizing Bacteria (NOB) Mean?

Nitrite-oxidizing bacteria, also known as NOB, is a type of nitrifying bacteria and ammonia-oxidizing bacteria (AOB), both of which are crucial concepts in aquaponics. In order to understand NOB, it is important to understand nitrifying bacteria. NOB is found in water bodies with ammonia concentration and it can help mitigate toxicity in aquaponics.


Maximum Yield Explains Nitrite-Oxidizing Bacteria (NOB)

NOB is used to tackle toxicity in bodies of water, particularly those used for aquaponics, that is triggered by ammonia from fecal matter including fish excrement. The nitrification process involves two steps: once ammonia is converted to nitrite with the help of AOB, nitrite is converted to nitrate using NOB. This process ensures that the plants in an aquaponics system receive enough nitrogen, which is an essential component for photosynthesis.

This is the most popularly used bacteria in aquaponics to increase nitrogen supply in plants. In case this process provides the plants in an aquaponics system with an oversupply of nitrogen then denitrification is also a possibility. For a balanced use of NOB the temperature needs to be 20-30 degrees celsius, the pH needs to be near neutral, the moisture needs to be around 60% and the aeration needs to be good.


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