Shallow Flow Technique

What Does Shallow Flow Technique Mean?

The shallow flow technique is a hydroponics growing method that typically uses PVC pipes to create a channel that distributes a nutrient-rich solution to plants. The technique is most commonly used in hydroponics and it is a popular choice to grow greens like lettuce, herbs etc. The shallow flow technique is also known to bring higher yields of small plants.


Maximum Yield Explains Shallow Flow Technique

Shallow flow technique is common in hydroponics because, as the name suggests, the nutrient solution flows very shallow solution at the lower parts of the plant roots ensuring the roots remain moist at all times. In this system, a pump is set up to make sure that the nutrient-rich solution flows down the channel in a constant manner. The technique, when used with a film, makes sure that the upper part of the roots remains dry and gets enough oxygen.

Though this technique is known to bring higher yields of small plants, its benefits do not extend to heavier plants. This technique cannot be used with bigger and heavier plants because such plants require a lot of support and the shallow flow of water cannot moisten the roots enough. As a result, the bigger plants do not get the required nutrients from the shallow flow of solution.


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