Potted Plant

Last updated: May 12, 2021

What Does Potted Plant Mean?

Potted plants refer to plants that are planted and grown in containers rather than in the ground. Potted plants are ideal for smaller spaces or for more delicate flowers that are particularly susceptible to environmental factors and pests.

Container gardens can easily accommodate just about any type of plant, including vegetables. Some containers are even drought-tolerant to protect the plants from extremely dry climates. Some potted plants eventually make their way into hanging baskets or garden beds.


Maximum Yield Explains Potted Plant

When working with potted plants, it is important to ensure that the plants are treated with slow release fertilizer. Proper draining is equally important to prevent flooding and rot triggered by excess humidity. In fact, some botanists claim that lack of proper drainage can actually cause severe diseases, causing the plants to desiccate.

Most pots come with small holes at the bottom to ensure drainage. If the pot doesn’t come with holes, gardeners should punch or drill a couple of tiny holes to let just enough water to escape without hindering irrigation.

When growing plants in pots, planters should ensure that the soil remains damp but not wet. Slow-release fertilizer should also be mixed directly into the soil prior to transferring the seedling into the container.

Potted plants are available for sale in garden nurseries and in many grocery stores where they are popular as gifts. Some potted plants purchased this way can eventually be transplanted into the soil garden or raised bed.

Plants grown in containers in a hydroponics system are not typically referred to as potted plants. The term is more popularly used to refer to traditionally grown plants in potting mixes and/or common houseplants.


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