Plant Breeder

Last updated: April 29, 2019

What Does Plant Breeder Mean?

In botany, a plant breeder refers to someone whose main job is to oversee the successful propagation, growth and development of a plant, based on different experiments. Plant breeders usually work in tightly controlled environments and some of their most crucial duties involve carrying out various types of tests on different plant species for research purposes.


Maximum Yield Explains Plant Breeder

Contrary to popular belief, a degree is actually required to become a plant breeder. The majority of plant breeders apply molecular breeding strategies, as well as biotechnology, to ensure the proper function of crop systems and plants in general. For example, some plant breeders may conduct experiments in greenhouses because these offer the type of environment that can be controlled. Consequently, the breeders will be able to develop the proper cultivation scheme required to successfully grow and harvest a particular kind of crop.

In some cases, breeders are required to mutate crops and plants using gamma-ray or electronic stimulus. Additionally, they often experiment with cross-pollination.


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