Leafy Greens

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Leafy Greens Mean?

Leafy greens are dark green, shallow-rooted plants that demand plenty of water for proper growth. The term is non-scientific and has risen in popularity as the health benefits of leafy greens have been highly reported for decades.

Common leafy greens include, but are not limited to, herbs, chards, beans, spinach, and various types of lettuces. These plants are extremely easy to grow and do not require a lot of care or soil preparation.


Maximum Yield Explains Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are considered highly suitable for hydroponic gardening due to their quick growth cycle, quick turnaround times, easy marketability, and shallow root zones. When sown in the early stages, leafy greens may be referred to as microgreens.

It is important to know that leafy salad greens tend to germinate quite quickly in humid and warm conditions. Therefore, some greens such as lettuce need plenty of shade to thrive. When working with Asian greens and spinach, it’s also important to grow them in non-acidic and fertile soil, preferably in square containers that are properly angled towards the sun.

According to gardeners, spinach and lettuce can dry up and go to seed in extremely hot weather, which can make the leaves turn bitter. In such cases, planters can sporadically water the containers to ensure that the soil remains moist.

While mint is one of the most popular and easiest leafy greens to grow at home, it can become something of a nuisance when grown in a vegetable garden if it's not properly contained.



Leafy Vegetable

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