What Does Wastewater Mean?

At farm level, there are certain conditions that should be met in order to ensure proper irrigation. For example, the required amount of water should be applied according to a regular schedule in order to ensure proper plant development. However, using fresh water is not always practical, especially in regions prone to droughts. As a result, several farmers choose to irrigate with wastewater.


Maximum Yield Explains Wastewater

According to the University of California, household wash water can be used for irrigation purposes. However, this water often contains organic matter and food residue that can attract rodents, insects and other types of garden pests. Additionally, this water contains various types of viruses and bacteria that can cause certain illnesses. Therefore, the Division of Agricultural Sciences at the University of California cautions against the use of wash water for potted plants. This is because potted plants have restricted root zones which are consequently more prone to damages. Cold shower water is more suitable for potted plants.

When using waste water for irrigation, it’s also important to avoid pouring waste water directly into the shrub, trunk or tree base to prevent crown rot.


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