Drip Emitter

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Drip Emitter Mean?

In a drip irrigation system, the drip emitters are the devices that connect to the drip line or hose. They are the small pieces of equipment that disperse the water onto the plants.

Drip emitters are essentially small, plastic nozzles that can be punched through the wall of a main water line. The nozzle is small enough that it emits only a few drops of water at a time, watering your plants slowly. Drip emitters are sometimes connected to a timer to allow for constant, easy irrigation.

Some drip emitters can be attached to the ends of smaller plastic tubing connected to a junction with the main line, and run outward to irrigate plants that might be located at a distance from the main line.


Maximum Yield Explains Drip Emitter

Drip irrigation has been around for a long time. You’ll find a number of different tools and pieces of equipment out there, ranging from drip water hoses that simply ooze water slowly over time, to drip emitters, which are more accurate and can save water over other types of irrigation equipment. Note that drip emitters are best used in indoor gardening applications.

A drip emitter is responsible for releasing water to your plants from a main water line. Most can be punched directly into the line itself, and can also be configured at the end of a smaller line to reach plants that are not located close to the main water supply conduit.

Note that there are many different types of drip emitters on the market. Some will only emit a single drop at a time, while others will emit a pattern of drops (a star pattern, for instance). Yet others are designed to disperse water while mounted horizontally, and still others are intended for vertical use and should be suspended above a plant.

There are also spray jet emitters, which are more like small sprinklers than traditional drip emitters. Finally, there are micro sprinklers designed to cover much larger areas than standard drip emitters, and are better suited to outdoor use.

Drip emitters can be used in both soil gardens and hydroponic gardens. A hydroponic system that employs the use of drip emitters is called a drip system.

Drip emitters are common in large growrooms where plants are grown in containers. Each container will have a drip emitter (or two or three!) resting in the container where is supplies even amounts of irrigation to each plant.


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