Aeroponic System

Last updated: November 17, 2021

What Does Aeroponic System Mean?

Aeroponics is considered a form of hydroponics that involves constantly misting water and nutrient solution onto plant roots. To achieve this, growers can choose between various types of systems.

There are two main types of aeroponic systems: high pressure aeroponics and low pressure aeroponics. The main difference being the droplet size of the mist used in each case.

Low-pressure aeroponics uses low-pressure, high-flow pumps, whereas high-pressure aeroponics uses high-pressure, low-flow pumps.

In the case of extremely fine mist that resembles fog, the term fogponics is used to denote a third type of aeroponic system.


Maximum Yield Explains Aeroponic System

In an aeroponic system, the plants are suspended in air with no form of grow media around their root system. The roots of the plant are kept moist in a sealed environment such as a grow chamber with a nutrient-rich water mist. The plant depends on very little support and is exposed to as much air as possible and allowed to grow without constraints.

Plants grown using an aeroponic system tend to grow faster because of their ample exposure to increased oxygen. The plants are suspended in bracket type pyramids with their roots fully exposed to the air and mist within the grow chamber.

The top of the bracket supports the plant’s top growth and the roots are allowed to dangle. The system is exceptionally space saving and allows the plants to be grown either vertically or horizontally. This conserves valuable space in the greenhouse or grow room.

Growers use less water when using an aeroponic system than with other hydroponic methods because the water is misted. Great care must be taken to ensure that the plant’s roots receive adequate mist and do not dry out. Because the roots are suspended in the air they are always in danger of drying.

Great care must also be taken when using an aeroponic system to make sure the plant is not inadvertently exposed to pests or diseases because the plant is more susceptible to these threats with its exposed root system.


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