Inches Of H2O

What Does Inches Of H2O Mean?

In aquaponics, inches of H20 is a key component in understanding grow bed depth and maximizing the efficiency of your produce. Inches of H20 helps determine the fish to water ratio and consequently helps with the growth of fish and other plants. This measure of air pressure is useful because it can detect low amounts of pressures in things such as pipes, shafts or tubes. As a non SI unit inches of H20 is compatible with everyday use and identification of ideal aquaponics environment.


Maximum Yield Explains Inches Of H2O

Given that water quality is an integral part of aquaponics, air pressure and measurement mechanisms of this air pressure like inches of H20 are integral in maintaining water quality.

Unlike other high pressure measurement units, inches of H20 is prevalent, especially in North America, to spot low amounts of air pressure. Inches of H20 is used to show the water depth to pressure ratio. This is important because, the water pressure managed by the help of inches of H20 is key in determining growing environment factors like, oxygen level, water filtration frequency, space maximization etc.

Since each aquatic creature has different environment requirements, inches of H20 is vital in determining viable aquaponics conditions.


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