Sprouted Seed Tea (SST)

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Sprouted Seed Tea (SST) Mean?

Sprouted seed tea, or SST, is a variation of compost tea that is made from a collection of seeds that sprout after being soaked. Sprouted seed teas are starting to gain popularity among probiotic farmers who use them as a natural plant growth hormone source.

Only the seeds of quick-growing plants such as alfalfa, rye, or barely should be used to make SST, which will only takes a few days or up to a week to sprout. After seeds have soaked for a night, drain the excess water, and keep the seeds moist.

Once they begin to sprout, the seeds will be full of abscisic and gibberellic acids, beneficial proteins, amino acids, enzymes, and other beneficial compounds that can be added to boost the quality of a compost, added to a fertilizer regimen, or used as a root growth promoter during the propagation stage. SST is a biologically active liquid that can also be diluted in a root drench or foliar spray.


Maximum Yield Explains Sprouted Seed Tea (SST)

SST is generally sprouted in groups. Use clean, unchlorinated water. After soaking seeds overnight, use a paper towel to cover the container and keep it moist. In a few days, tiny roots will begin popping out. These shoots are ready to be harvested when they are a quarter of an inch long. Weigh them and add a third of that weight in sugar to the sprouts.

Blend the mixture using an electric blender and add water to dissolve excess sugar and catalyze the procedure. Instead of blending the sprouting seeds into a slurry like this, you could also just use the water they were soaked in.

Additionally, you can also supply one or two tablespoons of lacto for every liter of the mixture. After completing the process, keep the blended seeds in an airtight bottle in a dark area as gas is produced during fermentation. You will have a bottle of fully fermented SST within 3-6 weeks. This SST will be ready for composting with the required nutrients for you to begin planting.

SST is sometimes used as a root booster or organic rooting hormone on young plants and cuttings. To use as a growth promoter on young plants, add SST to your plant’s feed water at 1-2 tbsp. per gallon. SST is a good alternative for growers who don't wish to use synthetic rooting hormones. In the absence of sprouted seed tea, another organic option is willow extracts.

Plants will respond to the hormones with root and shoot development, cell elongation, and heavy flowering.


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