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Last updated: March 26, 2019

What Does Grow Your Own Mean?

The term 'grow your own' is a common way to express the fact that you are a gardener and prefer to grow your own vegetables, fruits, herbs, and medicine. 'Grow your own' is considered a colloquial expression relating to gardening, especially organic gardening.

Many people prefer to grow their own edible crops and medicinal plants in order to get better quality products, save money, and have more control over what they are eating and ingesting. Growing your own is also a fun hobby for many that is considered good exercise in some cases.

The term grow your own also refers to the process of starting your very first garden. In this case you have made the conscientious decision to 'grow your own'. The term does not apply to commercial growers, who are growing for monetary reasons rather than personal reasons, although of course the principles overlap somewhat.


Maximum Yield Explains Grow Your Own

From planning to planting, growing your own garden can be tough and challenging, but by arming yourself with a good knowledge of the basics, the process becomes a whole lot easier.

Starting a garden can be a daunting task, especially for beginners. One of the most important factors to consider is what type of garden you want. There are many aspects to consider, such as the area you have available, the plants you want to grow, the climate you experience, and the budget you are willing to invest. The basics can frustrate you at the beginning, but once you get over this initial phase, gardening becomes highly rewarding.

Many people start off small and slowly build up their gardens over time. It's important to note that even if you have a simply countertop garden growing herbs, you're still growing your own.

The fundamentals, like the type and depth of your available soil, your irrigation facilities, nutrient supply, and harvesting periods, are very important to the health of your garden.

Fruits, vegetables, crops, and flowers are among the many things people choose to grow. You will need to put in the effort but it will definitely pay back. The grow your own expression is commonly used by organic growers who are doing more than just growing their own; they are doing their part in protecting the planet by limiting their use of pesticides, for example.


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