Farm to Table

Last updated: March 20, 2019

What Does Farm to Table Mean?

Farm to table, which is also known as 'farm to food' and 'farm to school', is a local movement that encourages the behavior of providing food from local farms to nearby organizations. The idea behind the movement is to help producers like farmers, brewers, and fishermen market their products to local schools, restaurants, offices, and cafeterias. Currently, it is among the most popular trends in the food industry.

Farm to table is becoming more and more possible as urban farming continues to grow in popularity. Aiding in the farm to table movement are rooftop gardens in cities, indoor gardens in airports, green walls, farmer's markets, aquaponics, hydroponics, and other forms of advanced modern farming techniques.

In a literal sense, the term farm to table is used by some restaurants who have an on-site farm in which their produce comes from.


Maximum Yield Explains Farm to Table

Food is an integral part of our life and the concept of farm to table has helped the process of food consumption for a lot of stakeholders on both sides of the market. Beyond food, farm to table is also a movement for change, and raising awareness and expressing concerns in the food industry such as safety, seasonality, economics, and general health of food.

Contrary to the idea of sourcing and importing food from a far, the farm to table concept and the people involved encourage using local and natural products that help promote our health and also boost the local economy. The process produces fresh food and promotes local farming.

Farm to table supports and reiterates the importance of forestation while also encouraging people to start kitchen gardens. Schools are also trying to imbibe this philosophy within their students, teaching them nutrition, agriculture, and botany with programs that incorporate hands-on practical experiences like field trips, gardening, and recycling. This helps schools get better food and farmers get better markets.

Farm to table is a concept that is becoming increasingly popular across the United States, as today's consumers are more concerned over how far their food has traveled and how nutritious it is. It is also becoming a marketing term, helping to draw in large crowds of customers who appreciate the values of a farm to table but have no means of growing their own and creating their own farm to table experience at home.


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