Muriatic Acid

What Does Muriatic Acid Mean?

A powerful chemical, muriatic acid is often used in masonry and to make concrete. In gardening, it is used to adjust soil pH. This chemical should not be used by home gardeners since it can be extremely dangerous to both plants and humans. When mixed with aqueous solutions, this chemical is referred to as hydrogen chloride or chlorophydric acid.


Maximum Yield Explains Muriatic Acid

While mostly colorless, muriatic acid may sometimes take on a yellowish tinge. When working with this chemical, it is crucial to wear proper protection gear because it is known to be highly caustic, especially when applied topically. Muriatic acid fumes have been known to burn the lungs, which is why it is only used outdoors. In delicate plants, this chemical can cause serious injuries and even kill the plant altogether. According to experts, gardeners should always ensure that they have a neutralizer at hand.

An excess of muriatic acid in the soil amendments or irrigation water can burn the plant’s roots and leave the soil neutralized. To counteract this effect, gardeners may try to add extra soil amendments product to bring it back to its proper pH.


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