Definition - What does Eutrophication mean?

Eutrophication is when there is an overabundance of plant life in a body of water. This is disruptive to the natural balance of plant life in a body of water. It can be seen physically as a film or algae growth in the water that does not normally occur. One effect of eutrophication is that it can actually cause death to other animals because of the lack of oxygen in the water.

MaximumYield explains Eutrophication

Agriculture is seen as the number one cause of eutrophication in lakes and other bodies of water. This is due to added nutrients that are present in the run offs, namely phosphorus. There are many physical signs of eutrophication. One is that the water clarity is effected. Another is that it could impact the mobility and flow of the wildlife. It causes an environment that disrupts the vitality of many native species, including fish and plant life as well.

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