Direct Sow

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Direct Sow Mean?

Direct sow refers to planting seeds directly into the soil where they are intended to be left until fully grown. Most large-scale crops are planted via the direct sow method, which eliminates the need to ever have to transplant seedlings.

Many home gardeners opt to start seeds indoors instead of placing the seeds (direct sowing) into the soil where they will be at the mercy of the weather, insects, and wildlife. Most seed packs provide instructions on when to directly sow the seeds and how deep they should be placed into the soil.

After planting seeds directly into the soil they will require moisture to germinate. Gardeners typically irrigate their crops, but historically, sowed seeds were dependent on seasonal rainfall.


Maximum Yield Explains Direct Sow

Direct sow, also referred to as direct seeding, is a planting method that is extremely beneficial for long-tap root vegetables such as carrots or radishes because they typically do not do well when transplanted.

Many cool-weather flowers also grow best when they are sown directly into the soil. Bachelor buttons, sweet pea, and larkspur should be planted via direct sowing methods. Morning glory, nasturtium, poppies, and moonflowers also grow best well when planted directly into the soil.

After sowing seeds directly into the soil, you should use markers to remember where you planted the seeds and what type of seeds should sprout in a particular location.



Direct Seeding

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