Fish Emulsion

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Fish Emulsion Mean?

Fish emulsion is a quick-acting organic garden fertilizer that is made from either a whole fish or just parts of a fish. Fish emulsions, a type of liquid fish fertilizers, help promote the growth of various vegetables and fruits. While they typically have a fishy stench, the awareness and demand has paved way for deodorized versions of fish emulsions that are easily available.

Fish emulsion fertilizers are not a new concept and are exceptional to use for gardens due to the various advantages including ease of use. The popularity and usage of fish emulsions dates back to settlers from Jamestown (the first permanent English settlement in the United States of America) who used to catch fish and bury them to use as a fertilizer. Fish emulsion is also used in place of toxic chemical fertilizers.


Maximum Yield Explains Fish Emulsion

Fish emulsions contain high levels of nitrogen and are sold as a concentrated liquid. Along with high amounts of nitrogen concentration, fish emulsions are also packed with phosphorus and potassium –basically all the chemicals that make up a regular fertilizer.

The chemicals used in the fish emulsion fertilizers are denoted in N-P-K ratios. Fish emulsion fertilizers usually have a ratio of 5-2-2 or 5-1-1. However, there are also traces of other elements in fish emulsion fertilizers, such as calcium, magnesium, sulfur, chlorine, sodium, and micro quantities of many other chemicals that benefit plants, providing the ingredients that the soil may lack and all of which are necessary for a rich and balanced growth in the garden.

Generally, fish emulsion is used as a foliar feed to provide a quick nitrogen boost for crops. Research by North Carolina State University affirms that applying fish emulsion fertilizers twice a week to plants showed a significant growth compared to other frequencies, making it an effective fertilizer option.

For desired results, when using fish emulsion fertilizers, the user needs to make sure to dilute it first by adding only half an ounce of the fish emulsion fertilizer to about one gallon of water. This process makes the fish emulsion fertilizer ready for crop use.


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