Last updated: May 12, 2021

What Does Air-Pot Mean?

In modern horticulture, the term Air-Pot is actually a commercial brand of specialized plant container. Air-Pots come in many different sizes, but are all cylindrical in shape and black in color. They are made of rigid plastic.

Air-Pots are designed with the concept of air-pruning in mind. Small holes in the form of cones throughout the sides of the container – not just at the bottom – expose most of the plant's roots to air, which encourages faster growth.


Maximum Yield Explains Air-Pot

Container gardening is becoming more and more popular as urbanites are taking more interest in growing their own food. This has led the way to the development of innovative containers hitting the market, from more and more fabric options, to heavy-duty buckets, to the Air-Pot.

Air-Pot uses a patented design that produces a radial, non-spiraling root system. In other words, Air-Pots do not allow a plant to become 'root bound' in the container.

Air-Pots have a 360° air-pruning design. With the help of open cones on the Air-Pot wall and the raised grid base, roots thrive with the added oxygen they receive. In an Air-Pot, roots are naturally drawn to the open cones, where they dehydrate and air-prune, triggering the plant to produce more and more roots with plenty of active, white-tipped roots.

Air-Pots can be used with all of the popular growing mediums, including potting soil, coco coir, rockwool, and clay pebbles.

Advantages of using Air-Pots include improved root development, improved oxygenation, and improved nutrient uptake. Air-Pots are easy to clean and can be re-used often. One thing to be mindful of with Air-Pots is your irrigation schedule. The pots are fast-draining, and will require constant monitoring, depending on your irrigation technique.


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