Fabric Pot

Last updated: June 15, 2021

What Does Fabric Pot Mean?

Fabric pots used for plants, sometimes referred to as fabric containers, are smart, useful alternatives to the common clay, ceramic, and plastic planting pots.

Fabric containers provide many advantages, including giving plants the ability to air-prune which prevents plants from becoming root bound.


Maximum Yield Explains Fabric Pot

Fabric pots were designed for sustainable and convenient gardening. Fabric containers are made usually made of polypropylene fabric, while some are made of recycled pop bottles. Fabric pots are becoming popular on farms, in nurseries, and in yards alike.

Fabric pots have numerous advantages over traditional plastic pots. They help in plant growth and prevent binding and circulation of roots. They let in sufficient air and keep the roots healthy. They also help in preserving nutrients for the plants.

Better drainage is another benefit growers gain when using fabric pots. They help maintain volume and moisture by balancing the water level in the soil. Fabric pots also set up an appropriate environment for plant-friendly bacteria that help fertilize the soil and feed the plants. Plants will dry out faster when grown in fabric containers, so great care must be taken to ensure plants receive constant watering.

Fabric containers are also lightweight, easy to transport, and reusable. They are poor conductors of heat, so they remain cool even in hot conditions. This type of housing is ideal for healthy plant growth. Fabric pots also prevent over-fertilization and rotting of roots by allowing them to breathe and stay cool. They are also easily washable by machines.

There are several manufacturers of fabric containers used for growing crops, including GeoPot, SmartPot, Root Pouch, SpringPots, FloraFelt, and more. Each of these fabric pots have unique characteristics. For example, some have handles, some have zippers, and most come in several colors and sizes to accommodate even large trees.

Fabric pots come in an assortment of colors and sizes and can be used on their own or in hydroponic systems where they are partially submerged in a nutrient solution.



Fabric Container

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