Dutch Style Nutrients

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Dutch Style Nutrients Mean?

In the hydroponics industry, Dutch-style nutrients are considered two-part fertilizer or nutrient delivery systems where there are separate bottles, often labeled A and B, for the growth stage of plant development, as well as two more separate bottles for the bloom stage of plant development, also labeled A and B.

If your nutrient regimen requires four individual bottles, it is likely you are growing in the "Dutch tradition". These bottles are often labeled as follows: Grow A, Grow B, Bloom A, Bloom B.

The Dutch are said to have been pioneers of hydroponic gardening. In addition to Dutch-style nutrients there are Dutch-style buckets, another testament to Holland's contribution to hydroponics decades ago.


Maximum Yield Explains Dutch Style Nutrients

Dutch-style nutrients are most popular for hydroponics but are increasingly being used in soil and soilless-based systems as well due to their impressive effects on yields.

There are many manufacturers of dutch-style nutrients, including Dutchpro, Dutch Nutrients, Reiziger, Dutch Master, and Dutch Nutrient Formula.

It is believed that the dutch-style of growing causes the plant's root cells to open larger to absorb abundant amounts of the nutrients rapidly. The process of force feeding the nutrients into the plant’s cells causes a dramatic increase in the plant’s growth and yields.

Professional growers using multi-part formulas will often have yields that are double or more compared to the guys using one product.

Dutch-style growing is based on the fact that nutrient companies cannot put all of their products together due to chemical and biological reactions. Certain ingredients, such as silica, bacteria, phosphorous, calcium and mycorrhizae, simply do not mix, which is why separate bottles are required.


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