Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Filters Mean?

In indoor agriculture, filters are an important aspect of environmental control. They are used in conjunction with other types of equipment like fans, ventilation systems, and odor control solutions to trap and prevent contaminants from entering the controlled growing environment.

The filters category in the modern grower’s world includes indoor garden air filtration devices as well as garden water supply filtration devices.

No matter how high or low-tech, filtration devices aim to keep contaminants like mold and fungal spores, bacteria, pollen, VOCs, salts, pest insects, and more from an indoor garden.


Maximum Yield Explains Filters

There are many things a grower has to filter out of the air and water when it comes to controlled environment agriculture. Modern growers are keenly aware that, in order to pull off massive, healthy yields, not only do they have to supply their plants with the stuff they crave, they also have to keep out the enemies. A lot of this is done through filtration.

Air and waiter purification are two of the most overlooked variables of an indoor garden because most airborne and waterborne pathogens are invisible. Another sub-sector of filtration is odor control in indoor gardens, as odor is often caused by VOCs that can be filtered out of the air to some degree.

There are different levels of air filters and water filters on the market. In the air purification category, many growers rely on carbon filters, while commercial growers might need to lean on things like high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters, photocatalytic air purification systems, and/or ozone generators to filter the air entering their growrooms.

In the water filtration category, growers can choose between things like biofiltration, slow sand filtration, reverse osmosis, and UV filtration devices. All of these methods aim to keep out impurities from the water you will eventually feed your plants.


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