Odor Control

Last updated: May 13, 2021

What Does Odor Control Mean?

In horticulture, odor control is a particular concern for indoor cannabis cultivators who are looking to be overall good neighbors and discreet. There are plenty of things you can do to control the odor emanating from your grow space.

Strategies for dealing with odor control in production settings include the use of carbon filters, ozone generators, HEPA filters, and odor neutralizers. Some growers that can afford to invest in newer technology are able to produce cannabis in a sealed growing environment where odor can be pumped away, often underground.


Maximum Yield Explains Odor Control

If you’re new to growing indoors, one of the first things you’ll notice once your plants really start taking off is how strongly the room will start to smell. The plants themselves put off strong odor, as well as many of the inputs used to grow them, such as fertilizers and pest control options. Not only can it be overwhelming for the workers inside, it can also start to annoy neighboring residences or businesses, and attract unwanted attention.

Often, odor control options are built right into your area’s ventilation system, reducing the need to even think about it too much. For the most effective solution possible, try combining odor control with your ventilation, heating and cooling, and air movement strategies (fans and filters, for instance).

Keep in mind that odor control requires some trial and error before you find the right solution for the size of your space, how many plants you have growing, and what types of fertilizers/inputs you are using.

Growers of any crop, typically ventilate their greenhouses and growrooms in an effort to reduce temperature and improve airflow in their growing environment. Growers of cannabis crops do not necessarily have this option if they are growing in proximity to any other business or residence.

Another thing growers require in terms of odor control is a strategy for controlling odors when their yields are in tow. Odor control solutions in the form of backpacks, duffel bags, totes, and airtight storage solutions specifically designed to trap or conceal the aromas of cannabis are available.


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