Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Fans Mean?

In the modern growing industry, fans play an important role in grow rooms and greenhouses by creating enough airflow to keep plants happy.

There are many different types of fans you can use to make sure your growroom stays nice and breezy all year-round, from small, clip-on fans for seedlings, to taller stand-up oscillating fans, to larger industrial models that are attached to the building’s ducting.

In most cases, fans are used in conjunction with additional ventilation and filtration systems, and even odor control solutions, to ensure optimal growing environments for indoor plants.


Maximum Yield Explains Fans

Make sure you look for standard features in the fans you choose; things like electrical cord length, quality of materials, waterproofing, and warranty information are all things you should consider when buying portable fans fit for a growroom.

For a more industrial solution, a contractor might be required to complete the install work. When buying fans, always inquire about the maintenance that goes along with the system, so as to protect your investment and your future yields.

Regardless of what the weather is doing outside, having a few fans running in your growroom goes a long way in keeping your plants happy. Not only do they help deliver much-needed carbon dioxide and oxygen to plant leaves, basic fans also help prevent diseases and eliminate heat stratification in the growroom.

To optimize the use of fans in your indoor garden, invest in enough fans for your grow space and make sure they are of the right rating with the appropriate number of CFMs (cubic feet per minute).

Fans are relatively cheap to run, so it can be cost-effective to just leave them on at all hours. In other words, keep those fans churning 24/7!


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