Flowering Grow Room

Last Updated: September 6, 2017

Definition - What does Flowering Grow Room mean?

A flowering grow room is a dedicated indoor growing space where plants that have reached a specific stage of growth are moved to encourage flowering prior to fruiting.

In many indoor gardening set-ups, separate areas are used to hold plants in different stages of growth. This allows the grower to control the amount of light, humidity, water, and temperature to ensure optimal growth and development at each stage. A flowering grow room is one such area.

MaximumYield explains Flowering Grow Room

Indoor growing can be simple, but a more complex set-up can yield better results and allow the grower to maximize yields more easily.

Plants will start their life in the nursery, and then as they mature, they will be moved to a vegetative grow room. In this room, plants will increase in size as they put most of their energy into stem growth and leaf development. However, once plants begin to switch to flower production, they need different light levels, temperature control, and other special considerations. Moving pre-flowering plants to a flowering grow room allows the grower significant control during this important stage.

A flowering grow room can be as simple as a separate area of a home where enough grow lights have been installed to provide ample artificial light. However, growers can also invest in sealed flowering grow rooms, as well as grow tents and other structures that will allow them better control over flowering and ensure they’re able to deliver the best care for their plants.

Growers will also need to invest in light fixtures and equipment that allows them to adjust the distance between the top of each plant and the light source. This ensures optimal light absorption, but prevents the plant from getting too close to a potential source of heat.

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