Vegetative Growroom

Last updated: November 22, 2021

What Does Vegetative Growroom Mean?

A vegetative growroom is essentially a dedicated indoor space where infant plants are allowed to grow toward maturity, reaching a specific size or mature state before being moved to a room where flowering will occur.

The exact amount of time plants remain in the vegetative growroom will depending on quite a few factors, including the type of plants being grown, the light cycle used within the room, the amount of light provided to plants, growth regulator application and many others.


Maximum Yield Explains Vegetative Growroom

Indoor growing can be as simple as using a few pots scattered around the interior of a home to hold plants, or as complex as a multi-room set-up dedicated completely to growing plants. In a more complex set-up, specific areas have dedicated purposes. One such area is called a vegetative growroom.

The nursery is where seeds start their life, and grow into infant plants. Once plants reach a specific size, they must be moved to another area with the right amount of light, airflow, and space for further growth. This is called the vegetative growroom. In this area, your plants will achieve most of their size – they will remain in the vegetative growroom until they are almost completely mature, and will not be moved until they are about to switch from stem and leaf development to flower production.

In most instances, plants being moved into the vegetative growroom will need to be replanted into a larger container. This will often need to be repeated as plants grow and mature. For instance, infant plants might be transplanted to a one-gallon container initially, and then into a five-gallon container a few weeks later, prior to being moved to the flowering room.



Vegetative Grow Room

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