Seed to Harvest

Last updated: August 14, 2018

What Does Seed to Harvest Mean?

Seed to harvest is a concept that encompasses growing plants, particularly edible plants, from seed until maturity, the harvesting of the fruit or vegetables, and the saving of seed from those plants for future planting.

The seed to harvest concept is circular: a grower buys seeds, plants them, cares for and nurtures the plants that grow, harvests the fruit or vegetables that result, and then collects seeds for the next year’s planting. Seed to harvest planting is more time intensive, as growers must start seeds early in the year, often during the final weeks of winter, in order to achieve the optimal size for transplantation.


Maximum Yield Explains Seed to Harvest

Planting crops and harvesting the vegetables or fruit that grow is a practice almost as ancient as humanity itself. Today, growers have many options when it comes to how they obtain the plants they want to grow. Many choose to purchase immature plants from greenhouses or DIY stores. While convenient, this is generally costlier than planting seeds.

Careful tending of plants intended for seed harvesting is important. The goal is not just to keep plants visually healthy, but to ensure optimal nutrition, water, and light for seed development. Healthy seeds are essential to replanting efforts the following year.

In addition, care must be taken to harvest and clean seeds correctly. Some seeds are “dry”, and these can be winnowed from the husk or pod after drying and maturing. Wet seeds, such as those of tomatoes, must be washed and cleaned to remove the gel surrounding them.

Once dry and clean, seeds need to be packaged correctly to ensure safety during storage and optimum conditions to keep them fresh for the coming year when they will be replanted and the process begins once more.


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