Leaf Surface Temperature (LST)

Last updated: May 11, 2021

What Does Leaf Surface Temperature (LST) Mean?

A plant’s leaf surface temperature (LST) is determined by a variety of factors such as plant type, light spectrum, humidity, and air temperature. In order for a plant to produce and yield an ample crop, its leaf temperature must be kept at ideal.

Almost all types of plants use their leaves to control their metabolism. If a plant’s leaves are at their optimal temperature, the plant will reach its full growth potential, produce ideal pigments, create flavor-enhancing compounds, vitamins, resins, large buds, abundant flowers, and a superior crop.

The ambient temperature around the plant has a direct bearing on its leaf surface temperature; however, other factors also influence its temperature such as artificial or natural lighting.


Maximum Yield Explains Leaf Surface Temperature (LST)

All plants are different and each one has adapted its leaf surface temperature requirements to meet the demands of the region of the world it grows within.

Most plants require a leaf surface temperature of 15 to 30 degrees Celsius (59 to 86 degrees Fahrenheit) to successfully photosynthesis. However, pine and arctic plants have cooler temperature requirements and desert plants need warmer conditions to photosynthesis. CO2 availability also determines a plant’s leaf surface temperature.

Many plants species have the ability to cool their leaf surface temperature by relying on evaporation. An elevated humidity level also helps warm the leaves and relieves the plant from using its natural evaporation techniques to reduce its temperature.

A grower can also control a plant’s leaf surface temperature by providing the plant with blue and red areas of light spectrum. Controlling a plant’s leaf surface temperature by utilizing outside forces such as light, humidity, and temperate help the plant focus on abundant growth instead of regulating its temperature as it would if such things were not readily available.

A grower can regularly check a plant’s leaf surface temperature using a variety of methods, such as infrared thermometers and probes.


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