Cutting Garden

Last updated: November 18, 2021

What Does Cutting Garden Mean?

A cutting garden is an area of the garden with flowers that are suitable and intended for a table arrangement. A cutting garden can provide a variety of flowers that are long-lasting when cut and vase-ready.


Maximum Yield Explains Cutting Garden

A well-planned cutting garden will provide a colorful and long-lasting display in and out of the house. Flowers with different blooming times should be included so the cutting garden may be enjoyed the full season.

The variety of plants chosen will vary by region, but iris, tulips, and daffodils are wonderful additions for a spring display, while coneflower, coreopsis, and black-eyed Susan are excellent selections for midsummer and colorful aster for fall color.

Some cutting gardens may contain blooming shrubs along with perennials, adding interest to the garden and the floral display. Roses are a common addition along with other long-lasting flowers, such as hydrangea.

A well-designed cutting garden may also include hardy, woody plants chosen specifically for their foliage. In some climates and soils, that may include the northern leather leaf fern, Russian sage, or myrtle.

Some shrubs with glossy leaves and hardy berries may also be included, but make certain to plan ahead and give them ample room to grow without crowding the flowers. Glossy black chokeberry, holly, and winter berry are all excellent selections.

Carefully consider the varieties of plants for the cutting garden. Flowers with blooms that do not hold more than a day or compact flowers such as violas may not be suitable.


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