Organic Hydroponics

Last updated: November 19, 2021

What Does Organic Hydroponics Mean?

Organic hydroponics is a method of hydroponic gardening where the nutrient solution is comprised entirely of organic compounds.


Maximum Yield Explains Organic Hydroponics

In all of the six types of hydroponic gardening, it is a basic requirement that a nutrient solution be mixed and circulated in order to feed the plants. A hydroponically grown plant receives all of its nutrients through this solution and not the medium it’s grown in.

This nutrient solution is comprised of a combination of fertilizers that can be controlled and monitored for maximum plant growth.

In organic hydroponics, this nutrient solution is comprised of all-natural and organic fertilizers and micronutrients. This can be achieved through a variety of ways, including the use of a compost tea, which provides many of the micronutrients a plant requires.

In theory, because all of the ingredients of organic hydroponics are organic, the hydroponically grown fruits and vegetables are in fact, technically organic. However, according to some proponents, organics is not just a matter of ingredients, but an entire natural process in which a plant is grown. They would argue that by its very nature, hydroponics can never be considered “organic”.

On a scientific level, if all of the nutrients included in the nutrient solution are derived purely from organic sources, then the fruit borne of this method of gardening is also organic, despite the fact that artificial lighting and other electronic components were used to produce the hydroponic crops.

Due to this debate in the agrculture communities, growers have ran into roadblocks having their organic hydroponic produce be certified organic for retail markets.


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